Today, the Turner & Co’s progressive and diverse activity broadly divides into five operational sectors: Aviation; Equipment Rental; Property Services, Sales & Service & Windfarm Support Services.

“We can think of no other comparable business in the same market sectors
that embraces a greater diversity of service.”

Foster Turner Hydro

Sector: Renewables and Windfarm Services
Primary Contact: Roy Foster
Primary Email: roy@crfhydro.com

The newly formed Foster Turner Hydro Limited is in a unique position to develop, construct and operate hydro power and other renewable energy projects as they continue to have an increasingly prominent part to play in renewable energy generation in the future.

Our collective skill set provides an excellent platform to develop, optimise and operate schemes efficiently allowing us to fulfill growth ambitions and provide much needed boosts to the rural economy.

We currently have 3 schemes, in the North West Highlands 2 of which are operational and the other in construction with a scheduled in-service date of March 2022. Additionally, we are in the early stages of developing a number of other schemes.