Today, the Turner & Co’s progressive and diverse activity broadly divides into five operational sectors: Aviation; Equipment Rental; Property Services, Sales & Service & Windfarm Support Services.

“We can think of no other comparable business in the same market sectors
that embraces a greater diversity of service.”

Optimum Technical Services

Sector: Property Services
Location: Glasgow, St Helens
Primary Contact: Colin Russell
Primary Email: info@optimumtechservices.com
Primary Phone Number: 0345 200 2362

Optimum Technical Services are an established provider of services in the utilities sector. Established in 2009 we carry out a variety of works for Distribution Network Operators across Scotland and the North West of England. We carry out a wide range of upgrade and modernisation works, including Rising Lateral Mains, LV Cable Jointing and HV Cable Jointing. We are a fully accredited Independent Connection Provider (ICP) offering coverage throughout the UK.

Offering a full range of services, from design through to installation & commissioning, Optimum offer an alternative solution to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO). Our fully qualified and accredited engineers carry out a variety of services, ranging from asset condition surveys to full renewal of installations. Working in many different types of property, including semi-detached, detached, tenement and high-rise, we have completed in excess of 7000 modernisation works since 2017. At Optimum we recognise the importance of developing our employees in contributing towards the effectiveness of the company. Our in house Compliance & training department are fully accredited to offer a wide range of Health & Safety training, including Emergency first aid, Manual Handling and ECS.