Today, the Turner & Co’s progressive and diverse activity broadly divides into five operational sectors: Aviation; Equipment Rental; Property Services, Sales & Service & Windfarm Support Services.

“We can think of no other comparable business in the same market sectors
that embraces a greater diversity of service.”

Turner Access Aviation

Sector: Aviation
Location: Glasgow
Primary Contact: Simon Russell
Primary Email: enquiries@aircraft-docking.com
Primary Phone Number: 01413095515

For over 30 years, Turner Access has led the way with our turn-key solutions for the Aviation MRO sector, providing affordable, robust, and most importantly re-configurable aircraft docking solutions.

We can supply fully tailored aircraft docking systems that suit individual client specifications along with standard access platforms for single module access.

Our services include bespoke design and full contract installation and training using our fully qualified aircraft docking technicians.