Mergers & Criteria

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Our approach to business investment

Our aim is to give each of our business management teams a stable base from which they can make the right decisions about the future of their business, and to provide the support they require to achieve their future growth and development plans. We take pride in understanding not just the numbers, but also the commercial issues facing our portfolio companies.

We also look to invest in dynamic and well managed businesses; providing the business management team with financial, strategic & operational input and support as required.

Our merger criteria


  • High “Value Add” Product & Service Offering
  • Business to Business
  • We tend to be Sector Agnostic


  • Small, Medium & Large Customer
  • Strong Customer References & Testimonials


  • A deep commitment to achieving customer success
  • Experienced staff in both the current and emerging markets
  • Low staff turnover
  • Permanent Employees


  • Profitable Growth History
  • Healthy Balance Sheet
  • Cash Generative
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