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Our portfolio


Property is an integral part of our investment strategy at Turner. We operate and hold investments across office, industrial and residential sectors.

Craigton road

We hold investments in a number of companies through a co-investment approach, typically investing up to £100,000 in equity or yield-generating loans in growth businesses.

These are passive investments for Turner through a managed investment/PE house with a stated intention to exit in 3-5 years.

We also hold investments in a number of early-stage companies which are environmentally or socially impactful, typically investing £25,000 in equity with the intention of following our money in subsequent rounds.  These investments are made through angel syndicates with the intention to exit in 7-10 years.

Here are some examples:

Date of exit | September 2019
Exit type | MBO
Date of exit | June 2021
Exit type | Asset sale

Sale of manufacturing only*

Date of exit | October 2020
Exit type | Hive out
Date of exit | November 2019
Exit type | Share sale

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